Whodunit – Arial

If you’re reading this, you’re either on a personal computer, on a tablet or on a smart phone. If you’re reading this there is a great chance that you are reading it using this absolutely common and widely spread font. But how many of you do know it’s creator and how it got to be on your device. Who is Arial?

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The man who never stops asking “why” – Design Legends

I’ll start this by saying: He’s a terrific guy! He’s funny, witty, amazing to hear him speak but above everything he is one of the LEGENDS, the kind of designer you aspire to. An inspiration to many young and also seasoned designers. With Russian descendants but trained by the great British school of arts, I give you  – Michael Wolff.

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Whodunit – Minions

With all the huss and fuss of the new and dedicated to them movie – The Minions – I was wondering “whodunit”? Who was the man behind the little small yellow creatures and how did it all started. Both Chris Renaud and Pierre Coffin, the creators, producers and directors of the franchise, had something to do with it in the beginning, giving them a mission and a purpose in life and determined their silly animation and speech, but the man responsible for the final concept art was Eric Guillon.

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It’s from the Saul! – Design Legends

I was thinking if this legendary designer can be quixotic. If he can be considered “extravagantly chivalrous or romantic” in his entire or at least parts of its impressive work. He pioneered advertising, illustration and graphic design in a time that it was an honour to do so and he was among the few and respected as such. From the red of “Vertigo”, “West Side Story” or “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World” to “The Shining” yellow or to the colourful world of brands and marks like Minolta, Kleenex, Warner Communications and many more – Saul Bass (1920-1996) had it all – a genius of the design universe.

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Whodunit – SuckerPunch Art

This is a start – thanks Dictionary.com for the word that just gave me this idea of “exposing” some great designers and their work on motion pictures, games, entertainment in general. There are lots of great subjects and in time I’m gonna try to gather here many important names, but because everything is has to have a primadona I’ll go with one of my favorite movies – in terms of design, art and special effects – SUCKER PUNCH!

The concept art, character creation and promotional design was done but Aaron Sims Company along with, among others, worked at that time Jerad Marantz and Alex Pardee. We will discover Jerad in more detailed on another post here for he is responsible for a lot more spectacular movies and tv shows concept art.

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Comic Book for Web

Some time ago, i was asked to be apart of a project, that I really enjoyed, about some air freshener and a powerful hero. It was a mix of comic book character design, products and e-commerce. Each page, each situation and each feature the products had were matched with villain fights with powerful scenes and funny cuts. Have a look and the end result.

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Phoodle of the day!

Asian Style Watercolour

Let there be said that the phoodle it’s a photo doodle or better yet just a random idea snapshot took today. I like it, I took it, I even draw it in this case and I post it :-). Today in particular, I thought of a clasic japanese style design. Took my watercolours and my bambus stick and here is what I made with them. But because I didn’t felt right just scan it, I made a little setup with candles and brushes and snapshot it… or phoodle it 🙂


Knive Juggler

I gotta hand it to you, I am enjoying my new discovery. Old school, I know, but still, I am happy that I found a way to keep playing the paints in a loving manner.

Simple knives, big, wide, with crazy teeth they all bring the fun I all that I paint now. And I am thinking and mixing some clear elements too, at least in some of the paintings. I’m using acrylics and water base colours and let them flow on a share colour background.

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