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I’ll start this by saying: He’s a terrific guy! He’s funny, witty, amazing to hear him speak but above everything he is one of the LEGENDS, the kind of designer you aspire to. An inspiration to many young and also seasoned designers. With Russian descendants but trained by the great British school of arts, I give you  – Michael Wolff.

Photo by: Adam Priscak

“I will pursue something until the end of time if I think I’m right. Sometimes you have to accept you’re not.” Michael Wolff

Trained in architecture, he worked as a product designer and then interior designer in the beginning of his career, but in the autumn of ’65 he started his own company along with Wally Olins. Wolff Olins is one of the world’s iconic and reputable brand consultancy company today with over 150 designers all over the globe.
“Brands live and die in the minds of your customers. I can help you make them vital and resilient.” Michael Wolff
From 1983, when he left Wolff Olins and recent years when he runs his own private company Michael Wolff & Company in London, he had been working with Addison design company, supervising solutions and brand identity programs. Over the years he has been involved in projects for clients like Audi, Apple Records, Renault, Volkswagen, P&O, Pilkington, Shell, BP, Jaguar, Citibank and Citigroup, Mothercare and Ministry of Sound, 3i, London Underground or The Barcelona Olympic Games. He’s also a former President of both the D&AD (Design and Art Directors Association) and CSD Chartered Society of Designers and a member of the RSA’s Faculty of Royal Designers for Industry).
Yes, he’s still alive and kicking and you can see him on webinars and conferences… Look him up! You’ll never regret the time spent. Listen to him here talking about his “muscles” and you will love him even more. Thanks isthisagoodtime for their interview.
“What separates a good designer from the rest of the pack is an unlimited amount of empathy. To do this, approach the world through a child’s mind and have an insatiable curiosity. Ask “why” whenever possible.” Michael Wolff

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