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This is a start – thanks Dictionary.com for the word that just gave me this idea of “exposing” some great designers and their work on motion pictures, games, entertainment in general. There are lots of great subjects and in time I’m gonna try to gather here many important names, but because everything is has to have a primadona I’ll go with one of my favorite movies – in terms of design, art and special effects – SUCKER PUNCH!

The concept art, character creation and promotional design was done but Aaron Sims Company along with, among others, worked at that time Jerad Marantz and Alex Pardee. We will discover Jerad in more detailed on another post here for he is responsible for a lot more spectacular movies and tv shows concept art.

The movie itself wasn’t appreciated that much and the IMDB score can prove this (Ratings: 6.1/10 from 182,157 users with a   Metascore: 33/100) but from the visual point of view it’s a work of art, a marvelous painting and a profound artistic act. Colour palette, shooting angles, sound and music, each and every step of the way is carefully considered and every slide shot can be a painting on its own.

For fans and collectors, Titan Books, prepared back in 2011, all the interesting materials related to the concept art and design of the Sucker Punch movie into a hardcover special print book.

“Vivid artwork.” – Wired91oKzL+nDSL
“A beautiful book… Every imaginary world gets delicious, full-page photos that you just want to climb into.” – Chud
“A must have..” – Geek Tyrant

Buy it here from Amazon
Sucker Punch: The Art of the Film by Zack Snyder

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